Yale's Online Happiness Course

by Jim & Ruth Jacobs 05/11/2020

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A study performed by MIT and Oxford University found that people are 13 percent more productive when they're happy. This higher level of productivity impacts everything like:

  • How you communicate with others and build relationships
  • Where your career path takes you and how quickly
  • How effectively you navigate life
  • But a significant international Gallop Poll found the U.S.A.'s self-reported happiness level is 6.3 out of 10. We obviously have some work to do.

    Yale University's Happiness Course may have the answer. As expected, they're taking an academic approach with a twist we'll share. 

    And this will make you very happy. It's free online, and you don't have to be a Yale student to take it.

    About the Course

    This isn't just another philosophy course where a professor tells you to do this or don't do that to be happy. Instead, this interactive course facilitated by Yale Psychology Professor Laurie Santos. She takes you through a set of challenges she has developed to increase happiness as well as productivity.

    You'll explore the science behind happiness and how your own brain can work for you or against you as you try to be happy. This knowledge is power because you'll learn how to manage these natural responses to advance the pursuit of happiness.

    The course is 100% online and very flexible, so it works in your schedule. If you abide by the "you get what you pay for" philosophy, you may feel that there aren't that many worthwhile things in life that cost nothing but your time. This is one of those rare exceptions.

    A Sneak Preview

    According to Santos, "Our minds lie to us all the time. We mis-want things. We think we need to change our life circumstances to become happier."

    Santos has found that simple daily practices do a lot more toward helping you achieve this contentment you seek. It's the little things, not the enormous efforts that make a big difference. This course enables you to make these small changes.

    And those who are interested can get an official certificate for completing the course for $49.

    How the Yale Happiness Course Came About

    The course was born out of the stress and chaos of campus life. Professor Santos found that many students were dealing with mental health issues. And she knew that college is often a snapshot of what they may be dealing with for the rest of their lives. 

    In response, she designed an on-campus course, "Psychology and the Good Life," which taught students how to re-wire their brains for happiness. After one in four Yale students signed up, she knew she needed to take these tools to the masses. The "The Science of Well-Being" happiness course was born.

    The online course just went online and already has over 4.9 stars with 4,000 reviews.

    How to Sign Up

    What a great way to learn something meaningful in your spare time! To sign up, visit Coursera.org and search, "The Science of Well-Being". Follow the screens from there.

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